General Pest Control Services in Dubai

Pest Control In Dubai: How To Make Your Home or Office Pest Free


It is quite common for homeowners to raise concerns relating to pest control within their homes and the potential effect that it has on their pets.

Pests are animal which has characteristics which people regard as unwanted or dangerous.

An example of how serious pests are those organisms which vector human diseases, such as rats and fleas which carry the plague disease, or mosquitoes which vector malaria.

So it is very important to stop the disturbance of insects or it will cause you serious diseases.


Precautions to take to stops pests (
do it yourself pest control)

Try the below DIY steps to stop pest before you call the local pest control company.

  1. Remove source of food water and shelter.

    One of the main reason for increase in pests is the availability of food water and shelter for them. Unknowingly we set up there for them. So first we want to eliminate these. So first make sure all your food wastes are properly managed. never leave food particles on a table, workspace or floor. Keep foods in sealed plastic or glass containers. Make sure there are no liquids stuck in your sink or any bottles which are not sealed. Also, you should fix the pipe leaks as soon as possible.


  2. Keep the surroundings clean.

    Make sure you have cleared every garbage’s in your surroundings. Safely dispose of the garbages. Garbage’s are one of the main shelters of pests.garbages-pest

  3. Treat the drainage pits with hot water for the prevention drain flies.

    Drainages are one of the main sources of flies. They get their food water and shelter from drainage. Remove the contaminated mud from the drainage pits in the kitchen toilet etc and treat by using hot water for the prevention of drain fly population. Ensure the drainage are properly sealed. drainage-pestcontrol

Pest Control Dubai Cockroach

cockroach pest control

Cockroaches are one of the worst nightmares of Dubai residents.

Cockroaches can cause you several harm full diseases.

You can Read More about disease caused by cockroaches and how to get rid of them without any types of equipment here. The main reason for increase of cockroaches is the lack of hygiene and lack of proper waste disposal.

Tips to control cockroaches in Dubai

Remove food resources that are on tables, worktops and seal food containers properly. Trash food leftovers. Avoid pet food, litter trays at nighttime. Make sure you takeout the trash regularly. Mop the floor every day.

Fix water leakages. leakages are the main reason for survival of cockroaches. cockroaches can suffer without food for around one month but, cant last without water for 1 week. So make sure every water leakages are sealed as soon as possible.

Mosquito pest control dubai


Mosquitoes are the biggest threat to our body. Mosquito bites cause a considerable health risk.

Female mosquitoes only bite people. This blood serves as a protein to their eggs.

The importance of mosquito pest control is very high. Because it can cause you a severe disease, some of them are listed below.

  • Malaria: Mosquitoes cause this life-threatening disease by infecting and destroying red blood cells.
  • Zika virus: This is a generally mild condition that initially causes fever, joint pain, and rash. The symptoms of Zika virus are showing up after around 1 week.
  • Yellow fever: This virus causes inflammation in your brain and spinal cord. The symptoms are fever and sore throat. 
  •  Chikungunya: a headache, fever, rash are common symptoms of chikungunya.

How get rid Of mosquitoes

  • Empty liquids in the sink.
  • Seal containers with water.
  • Use mosquito nets.
  • Cover up skin when going outside.

Rat pest control Dubai

Rats are dangerous to our health and our properties.

There are several types of rats. some of them are shown below.

Norway Rat
Roof rat

Rats are extremely dangerous to your health and your house/ office properties.

How to get rid of rats

  • Don’t leave food substances open on kitchen or your office.
  • Find the locations of rats and set rat traps.
  • Call a pest control company.

Diseases caused by pests

The pests are a great threat to our body it can cause serious diseases to your body. You can read the diseases caused by a cockroach in your body here. There are numerous diseases like malaria which is caused by mosquitoes and many other diseases you want to make sure the last pest in your house is killed.

Call a pest control company


If these steps are not reducing pests in your home you should call a local pest control company as soon as possible. If you are a resident of Dubai call us now to get a free inspection. Click here to get a free inspection.

Precautions before doing pest control service

Pest control and pets


Early preparations are the key to keeping your pets safe during pest control services. 

  • Make the pest control Specialist aware of you have pets.
  • Remove your pets from the area before you begin applying pesticides.
  • Remove all pet toys, chew bones, food bowls and bedding from the area as well.
  • Keep pets away from treated areas until the pesticide is completely dry and the area has been well ventilated (around two hours).
  • Cover fish tanks to prevent liquid and vapors from entering the tank. And it’s always better to turn off fish tank pumps during the application.
  • Cover up their tanks and cages with a blanket or towel to prevent any overspray, air-borne mist or droplets from getting in.
  • Pesticide baits are often prepared with food ingredients that can be attractive to pets. If you use rat, mouse or cockroach baits, ask the pest control specialist to place the baits in locations where your pet cannot reach them, or inside special bait station where your pets can’t reach it.

Pest control and pregnancy

First of all, It’s not safe for anyone (pregnant or not) to be around when the pest-control Specialist is doing his job. 

Pesticides and pregnancy lead to several questions and for good reason, during the first trimester of pregnancy, the nervous system is rapidly developing in your baby, so you definitely want to avoid any type of contact with pesticides during this time, some studies indicate that the greatest risk of exposure to pesticides is during the first three to eight weeks of the first trimester when the neural tube development is occurring. 

  • Make sure to use a pest control company that is approved by the Dubai Municipality.
  • It’s Mandatory for the pest control Specialist to hold a Permit for pest control activities issued by Dubai Municipality while operating, ASK FOR IT!
  • Pesticides used must be certified from Ministry of Environment and Water.
  • Make the pest control Specialist aware of your pregnancy.
    Once the pest specialist is aware of your pregnancy, he will be able to customize the treatment and choose the appropriate formulation of product and conduct the application in the appropriate target areas to control the pests and ensure the safety of your family.
  • Pregnant women must not be in the house during treatment.
    Allow plenty of time for the home to air out, and the pesticide to dry before returning.
  • Avoid any contact with the treated areas as much as possible.
    Let someone else do the cleaning.

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